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You can support the Church of the Resurrection in several ways:

  1. Through the weekly collection

Each Sunday, as part of our worship, a collection is taken up during the morning service at our church. Cash of any denomination may be placed in the collection.

Although we recognise that many people give in other ways, the weekly collection still forms a significant part of our income. However, please don't feel embarrassed to pass the collection bag on if you give in other ways.

  1. One-off gifts

Donations of any size are always welcome and can be made at any time throughout the year, either through the weekly collection or by posting your gift to the church office. Cheques should be made payable to "The Church of the Resurrection" to be posted to our bank in the UK.

  1. By regular standing order

Some people prefer to let their bank handle their regular payments. A standing order is an instruction to your bank to pay us a fixed amount on a fixed date. This can be monthly, annually or any other regular period. Standing orders are simple to set up, change and cancel, and give us the added benefit of being able to budget by knowing how much money we can expect on a month-by-month basis.

If you are able to contribute by this method, this is the preferred one because it provides the financial stability we so desperately need. The money is still received by your church, even if you are on holiday or can't make it to church for any other reason.

You should instruct your bank to send payments to the following bank account:

Royal Bank of Scotland

Holt's Farnborough branch

Lawrie House

Victoria Road


GU14 7NR

Name of Account: Church of the Resurrection Bucharest External Account

Account number: 11860184

Sort-code: 16-1926

IBAN Number: GB42 RBOS 1619 2611 8601 84


  1. Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, you can make a donation through the Gift Aid scheme in the UK, which allows us to benefit from tax refunds. For this method, you must pay sufficient income tax to cover the amount of tax reclaimed. A one-off form must be completed to cover all future gifts and the payment must be made to our account at the Diocese of Europe, who obtain the tax refunds for us.

PDF Logo Click here to view / download the form

If you are a USA citizen / taxpayer, you can now obtain a full legal IRS deduction for gifts to the Church of the Resurrection, by following the instructions provided.
Gift Aid for USA citizens / taxpayers

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How much does it cost to run this church?

For us to simply tick over, we need to raise £48,000 per year. This works out at £923 per week.

Do we get any outside help?

In the past we have received a grant from our Diocese in Europe of typically around £8,000 per year. However, this year in 2011 we have been told that we will not receive anything due to the Dioceseís shrinking fund, brought on by the economic crisis.

How else can we raise money?

We charge EUR 250 per wedding service.

We also hold two major fundraising events per year. These are the Britannia Ball in March which is the focal point for the British community and their friends in Bucharest. The other is the British Garden Party held in early September at the Ambassadorís Residence. We also hold a bake sale once a month that raises good sums of money but cannot take the place of planned regular giving.

What can I do?

Think seriously about how much you contribute to your church. Is it regular? Is it proportionate to your means? Think and pray about it.

Don't think that your increased efforts won't make a difference. We are in this together remember. If 50 people increase their giving by just £1 a week, that is an extra £200 per month or £2400 per year.

Please consider setting up a standing order if you have the means to do so (details above). Otherwise, weekly giving via the collection plate is the main way we collect funds. One-off donations are also very welcome of course!

Thank you

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Last updated 02 June 2011

How to give to your church:

Through the weekly collection

One-off gifts

By regular standing order

Bank account details

Gift Aid