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Gift Aid USA

To: American supporters of the Anglican Church of the Resurrection, Bucharest, Romania

There is a way for U.S. citizens to obtain a full legal tax-deduction for any gifts to foreign Anglican Churches! It involves the simple process of

  1. transmitting your donation to the Episcopal Church, USA (the address is provided below) and

  1. accompanying the check or transfer, attach a specification for application to the Church of the Resurrection, Bucharest, Romania using (the exact) letter we provide below, simply copy and paste.

The PECUSA (Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, Protestant Episcopal Church in USA) is happy to provide the Church of Resurrection with assistance in receiving gifts that are covered by domestic IRS law. Many individuals desire to give financial support to organizations located outside the United States. If the contributions were made directly, there would (otherwise) be no U.S. tax deduction available to the donor.

To overcome this result the donors have given the money to the Society with instructions that it be transmitted to the non-U.S. entity. In doing this they request a receipt from us acknowledging the contribution, and the designated intent.

The kind PECUSA policy is stated hereafter:

If a donor wants to use us as a transmittal agent to an organization that is not recognized by the IRS, we will do so, but not give a receipt for tax purposes.

If, in the above example someone desires a tax receipt, we will do so only if the organization is one that we would support within our existing programs and the donor expresses a preference (but not a requirement) as to the use of the funds.

Funds are transmitted to us through either our electronic-transfer of funds service, or by check. If you are interested in a specific mode of transfer, please complete and return the enclosed banking instruction sheet.

It is important that we follow these procedures which keep us in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code and our external auditor's requirements, in order to protect both the tax-exempt status of the Episcopal Church's dioceses and congregations and the Tax-Deductibility of gifts and contributions.


Please make all checks payable to "The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society/PECUSA".

Write or type the following letter, preferably on your own letterhead. Replace all [bracketed text] with text specific to your gift.

[Today's date]

Mr. N. Kurt Barnes, Treasurer

The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA

815 Second Avenue 7.

New York, NY 10017-4594

Dear Mr. Barnes (or current Treasurer),

I hereby give to The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America a gift in the amount of [Dollar amount, written and numeric; i.e. "Fifty dollars and no cents ($50.00)"]which accompanies this request, via my [check number _____ (or) wire transfer number ______ dated ______ ].

As a preference, though not as a condition of my gift, I request that the gift be used for the program or purpose designated as follows: Direct support to the mission expenses of the "Church of the Resurrection, Bucharest Romania", an Anglican Church I attend in Romania.

Thank You,


[Printed name]

Note: If you wish to wire-transfer funds direct to PECUSA, you may write us at the above address, or contact us by phone: 212-8678400 or 1-800-3347626 to obtain our current transfer account instructions.

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